PHP, SugarCRM, Javascript, Cool Web Apps Developer


I am not a geek or super genius developer .

I am just a plain simple web developer who likes to learn new things and put em in old good fashioned human understandable coding .

Here I am writing some of the tweaks which helped me cheat my work sometimes, which may help you as well.

Thanks for reading this whole lot boring stuff and visiting my website.

Swapnil Shinde


My Name is Swapnil. I have been in development of PHP and SugarCRM applications for more than 4+ years. In total in this Industry for 5+ years.

I would like to share some of my tasks RnD n some cheats with other Developers .

So I have started this site as SugarKB (Sugar's knowledge base.).

Lets see how it goes.  

You can visit my LinkedIn and FB Profile on following links.

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